Are You Interested To Know How Much Cost To Ship Dresses?

There are lots of industries get affected by corona virus including our evening dresses industry but there is one industry, they can never get affected  but instead business gets more increased during this special time. Guess what is it?Let me explain more details.

When you purchase or order anything online such as a plus size evening dresses or food for lunch, what service you would need? Some of you might know what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s called shipping(delivery) service. It already become an essential part of our life nowadays and I assume you must be interested to know how shipping costs are calcuated and how much to ship them.


What Do We Normally Use For Shipping Method?

We usually use DHL for shipping our goods. Most important, we use Guangzhou DHL for shipping.

Many customers always get confused why DHL shipping costs are different while they order same item from different supplier. There are two reasons to explain why:

  • One aspect is because different supplier they work with different shipper,and each shipper they got different discount from DHL themselves.
  • Another important reason is because they’re shipping from different DHL channel such as HK DHL(hongkong DHL), Mainland DHL,Dubai DHL etc(They are all shipping from China but just different names for different channel).If ship by different DHL channel,the prices and delivery time will also vary differently.

Based on our years of experiences,so  we always ship our goods via Guangzhou DHL as it is fastest and safest channel if compared to others.(Normally within 3-5 working days around by shipping worldwide)DHL-shipping-service

Some customers will prefer to use some cheaper method so we will also help ship by Fedex sometimes if it is cheaper compared to Guangzhou DHL.

We also had some customers from Europe like Germany,they might request to ship by DPD method(you can track in DPD website) in order to avoid any tax since this method is free tax but it takes about two weeks or more to arrive. If you need to receive hijab evening dresses urgently or arrive on time,we suggest you not to use this shipping method as it takes time and not too safe  way compared to DHL or Fedex.Otherwise,you would probably miss an important wedding or events!


How Shipping Costs Are Calculated And How Much Cost To Ship Dresses?

We often meet customers asking us about shipping costs and they are also interested in how the shipping costs are calculated.

There are two things you need to know:

  • Generally speaking,shipping costs are calculated based on actual weight and CBM weight.The shipper they charge whatever is bigger. If actual weight is smaller than CBM weight(they measure the box size and take the biggest cm for each side) ,then the shipper charge based on CBM weight. If actual weight is bigger than CBM weight,they will take actual weight to charge you. So no matter in which way,they are on the win side because they are the boss who made the rule!
  • If goods are less than 21KG(minimum bulk weight you have to reach),they charge by starting weight+continue weight.

So for example if you order 1pcs affordable evening dresses(not too puffy or too heavy) and shipping cost 38USD(This is just for example as it also depend on countries).

If you order 2pcs mother of the bride evening dresses(not too puffy or too heavy),shipping costs 55USD so each pcs dress 27.5USD.

If you order 3pcs sexy evening dresses(not too puffy or too heavy),the shipping costs per pcs dress will be bit cheaper compared to shipping 2pcs evening dresses.

But if goods can reach 21KG(their bulk weight),they will charge by per kg. For example,If you order than 11pcs evening dresses for weddings,total shipping costs 190USD which means each dress shipping cost 19USD per pcs dress.

Besides,they have weight range(21-30KG,31-70kg,71-300kg etc) which price also vary a bit accordingly!

So wholly speaking,the shipping costs depend on what style of evening dresses and how many pcs dress you take.Normally the more you order,the cheaper it would be when equally to each dress,especially when you order above 11pcs prom evening dresses,you will see big difference in shipping costs per pcs dress compared to one pcs or few pcs dress shipping costs.

So if you want to save costs while purchasing evening dresses,the best way is to order more dresses together in one time so the shipping costs per pcs dress will be cheaper.

Hope this article will help you know better and get some knowledge about how shipping costs are calculated and make better decision when you purchase anything from China in future!