What is the most important thing in life?

If you ask me what is the most important thing in life?I would definately say being alive and healthy is the most important thing in life.This is the biggest lesson we learned in 2020.

In this special year 2020,we encountered the unusual and unexpected coronavirus which did not even happen for years.It was more serious and worse than SARS which happened in 2003.Lots of people get infected and all cities are lock down, shop closed etc. This kind of situation did not happen even in whole century. Our parents,even our grandparents have never met or seen this situation in their whole life.

Now our situation in China is getting much better. We had get 0 increase for last 14 days. So now all cities(except Wuhan city)are open and roads are all released to go. Shops can allow open.Everything is slowly back to normal.Finally the day come and we are free again after so many days fight and efforts by all Chinese people!

But bad news is we learned that situation in overseas is not good(especially Italy,Iran etc).The coronavirus is spreading fast and the data showing people get infected are increasing dramatic by day(According to what we know,the increasing speed and infected number is even more worse than China). They are going through what we have been through in the past.All supermarkets are full of people buying all stuff so items are sold out in few minutes. Many countries have been lock down, shops and schools are all closed for 5 weeks to 6 weeks. All weddings and events are canceled. According to what our customer said, the business get affected a lot so the high season for prom dresses are over as all parties cancelled.People are all in panic now.



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Based on this situation happen now,I would like to share two important tips and hope it will be helpful to you!

1,Do as the government said and follow their instruction,try not to fight against the rules.

We learned many people in western countries refuse to wear mask(maybe think it was not cool to wear it or it against human rights).But if you care more about your life more than beauty or human rights,you would do as what you are told to do. Here in China,most people follow the rules and regulations set up by government.We have to wear mask whenever we go out. Always wash hands,no gathering,no gambling,no go out etc,we do as what we told.My parents they stay at home and don’t go out for almost 2 month,only night time go out to throw rubbish in downstairs but will come back home immediately as they have very strong consciousness and cherish life.Because of all efforts made by people,so we can fight against coronavirus and win this battle. Hope you can also learn from Chinese and put your life as priority,try to stay at home and be safe.Always remember to wear mask when going out to protect yourself and others.


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2, Stay calm and positive.

Actually I think the best medicine for coronavirus is to stay calm and positive no matter if you believe it or not.

We took high speed train and came back to our hometown Xiantao city,Hubei province in Jan 17th for Chinese new year holiday and plan to visit my parents in Xianning city,Hubei province on Jan 23rd but since this date Wuhan city(our nearby city) get lock down. Continually all other cities have been locked down including the city where we stay.So we were not able to go anywhere except stay at home as all roads are blocked.During this period of time,my husband always watch news and focus on the data showing infected people increasing fast each day,besides the topics in the family are all about this. So he was always in panic and worried he would probably get infected.Finally he was sick for two days and cannot sleep well because he was over panic!In the end he went to hospital,the doctor gave him some medicine and told him he was just getting cold.


So stay calm and positive is important and best medicine to fight again virus.We just keep our life as usual.We can watch movies,cook nice food,do exercise,read books etc.There are so many things we can do,just put your focus in other things instead of virus,you will enjoy the time with family by staying at home.

In 2020,stay safe,stay well! Lets unit together and fight against virus so we will win this battle in the end!

Lets pray and wish all the best for the world!